Canada-Odisha Society of Americas

The "Canada-Odisha Society of Americas" (CANOSA) is a non-profit socio-cultural organization, established in 1971 and actively involved in promoting integration through social and cultural activities and providing forum for newcomers for adaptation and integration into the Canadian milieu. 

Our vibrant community of over 500 Odia families (Odisha, India origin) residing in different parts of Canada, with a strong desire to cradle and nurture the rich Odia culture, even outside our homeland, provided the impetus for the formation of this society.

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Our Activities

We celebrate the festivals typical to the people of Odisha (such as Bishuba Milana, Kumar Utsava) and inviting other community people to participate. We, as a community, meet at least twice annually to celebrate Bisuva Milana and Kumar Purnima besides having outdoor picnic and cottage picnic every year.

Our annual functions like "Bishuba Milan", "Kumar Purnima" showcases the talent and creativity of our youth and young adult members. Where "Sahitya Patha Chakra" redefine the literary talent in the community with increasing enthusiasm. 

2018 Calendar

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Participation in CanOSA events is not confined to only CanOSA members. But we do offers a Life Membership program, for those adults, who are interested in the objectives of this community. A life member is eligible to vote in any meeting of the Society and in election for office bearers. 

The Board of Directors may recognize exceptional societal contributions of individuals through the award of Honorary Memberships. Honorary Members do not have a vote in any business affairs of the Society elections. 

Board Members

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Canada Odisha Society of Americas (CANOSA) continues to strive to expand its programs and offerings to the community. You have volunteered, participated and experienced first-hand the pride we take in promoting and preserving the arts, language and heritage of Odisha. 

In order to meet our mission and organize these cultural events, we rely on the generosity of businesses and individuals for support. Without the assistance of community-minded business like yours, we wouldn't be able to organize these events.  

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Joe Maharana

Joe Maharana

Sandip Rath - Realtor in GTA.

Sandip Rath - Realtor

Purna Satapathy

Sunit Rout